The White Bicycles – “Dust”

27 Apr

The White Bicycles Dust

It’s been a while since we last heard from our ’W’ band and since then Falmouth based The White Bicycles have gone through something of a transformation. Like a reverse Spice Girls Christmas number one, this two has become three with Jack Curnow joining Matthew Howes and Ryan Nolan. Their new track, the first from their forthcoming eponymous EP, also sees the band move in a slightly different direction to before.

Previously they gave us sounds that were calming, poetic and peaceful. A welcome respite from the hurly burly of day to day life, “Courtesy” and “Wristwatch” were intimate, solemn and beautiful. Now, with “Dust” they have given us a song that is all that and more. It is still poetic, intimate, solemn and beautiful but with the addition of a stark electronic beat to the elegant guitar sounds and the delicate buffeting of synths they are weaving a more intricate and impressive tapestry.

With that said, there is a distinctly minimalist feel to the track, like a pristine white room where the only furnishings are absolutely essential. There are no extraneous frivolities or audio tracks included just because; less is more and on “Dust” The White Bicycles have given us just as much as we need for a wonderfully cool and pristine piece of electro pop.

Taken from the ‘White Bicycles’ EP which is due out on 5 May, “Dust” can be downloaded for free from the Soundcloud player below.

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