Ghosts In Daylight – “Paper Heart” (video)

28 Apr

Ghosts In Daylight

There are a number of things that we here at Alphabet Bands are suckers for, one is dreamy electro pop with floaty melodies and another is a slightly weird looking and well made video. Come to us with either of those and there’s a reasonable chance that we will like what you’ve got and want to feature you. Come to us with both of those and well, you’re pretty much a shoe in. As if to prove our own point, today we are bringing you a kind of freaky looking video for a soft and mellifluous slice of dreampop from newcomers, Ghosts In Daylight.

Taken from their debut EP of the same name, “Paper Heart” is four minutes of smooth synths and delicate, probing vocals from Meme Love that swirl around your mind like some kind of wispy magic. They entice and ensnare the listener just as the videos subject is lured and captivated by the mysterious heart faced woman. Seriously.

Shot by Anna Calvi collaborator Emma Nathan, the video is a wonderfully dark, surreal and bewitching smorgasbord of fantastical elements; stop-motion, live action, reverse shots and a wickedly enigmatic character. Its low luminosity perfectly complements the smooth electronics on a track that somehow manages to feel quite vintage yet very modern. It’s pop music with an elegantly cinematic vibe that nudges, probes, ebbs and flows. It drifts effortlessly into your consciousness where it will rest and remain for the days to come, the vocals caressing your weary angst ridden mind into a sense of ease and calm. Even if it then seeks to take over your body and make you hers.

Honestly, if you ever see a heart faced woman around, don’t let her play ‘he loves me, he loves me not’ with a rose anywhere near you. It’s for your own good.

”Paper Heart” is taken from the debut Ghosts in Daylight EP of the same name which is out today and available on a ‘pay what you like’ deal via Bandcamp.

Stalk Ghosts In Daylight: Website / Facebook / Twitter

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