Jack Garratt – “Water”

28 Apr

Jack Garratt Profile

Back in February Jack Garratt and his magnificent beard stepped out into the world and melted the hearts of almost everyone they encountered with the muted, icy and anguish laden electronic of “I Couldn’t Want You Anyway”. This month both Jack and his beard (we only mentioned because we are jealous of its glory) have returned with the equally downtempo but very different “Water”.

Where “I Couldn’t Want You Anyway” was all languid and melty, “Water” is filled with a subtle urgency, the beat ripples out as the guitar lines scatter like pebbles thrown onto a lake. A scattergun of light undulating sounds peppers your ears as Jack’s soft, hushed vocals whisper delicately above it all. While understated electronic R&B elements urge and compel, it’s not overbearing but nor is it empty or underwhelming.

Here Jacks voice is soulful and rich, where previously it was pained and sorrowful, now it is fraught and almost desperate sounding. The whole thing is more freyed, more rough around the edges and while less heartmeltingy than “I Couldn’t Want You Anyway”, you are still likely to fall for its pop laden, R&B sensibility and subtle drama.

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