Courtly Love – “For Your Love, I Get High”

29 Apr

Courtly Love For Your Love I Get High

Love can do funny things to a person; when reciprocated and indulged it can make you as high as the proverbial kite. It can make you feel light as air and as if you can do and achieve anything you want and everything that each of your five senses encounters feels blissful and smile inducing. When you’re in love and are loved back, the world is a marvellous place. When your love is not shared by your object of affection though, or worse still, is rejected in favour of another, you can feel like the world is the worst place imaginable. Your mind is in turmoil, you feel nausea and unsteady, doubt and fear wracks your soul and nothing compares to the pain you are experiencing.

We adore Courtly Love, we think they are ”effortlessly cool” and would go so far as to say we love them. We don’t know how they feel about us but that’s ok at the moment, this is still a burgeoning affair and we are happy to see where it goes. Certainly the music they have shared with us so far makes us believe we could be in this for the long haul, but we’re not ready to pick out curtains just yet. Mind you, if they keep making tracks as deliriously woozy as “For Your Love, I Get High”, it won’t be long before we have to introduce them to our parents.

A mere B side to their forthcoming debut single (“Mirage”, due 2 June), “For Your Love, I Get High” is a glorious two-minute representation of loved up giddiness. Trippy, psychedelic bluesy guitars melt and befuddle like deep kisses with the person of your dreams. You are left light headed and dizzy, but so deliriously happy like you are floating.

This is love, there’s no doubt about it.

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