Lovestarrs – “Get Your Sexy On” (video)

29 Apr


Back in February there was a welcome return for three young poppers when the former Good Natured trio were reborn as Lovestarrs and beseeched us to get our sexy on. Now, this beautifully coiffed pop-Cerberus has stepped forth once more to ensure that the message has hit home, and this time they have brought visuals to go with the music.

As we mentioned those two months ago, with “Get Your Sexy On” Lovestarrs has taken everything about The Good Natured and turned it up to 11. It still sounds as big and full of love and life as it did when we first heard it, bold and brash and fantastic.

In the video, we are treated to the match making skills of Sarah as she whisks around our nation’s capitol as a ribbon on the breeze. Like a modern day Emma, (or Cher Horowitz for those of us who prefer our cultural references to be a little more up to date) she flits from place to place, bringing lusty young lovers together with nothing more than a keen eye for desire and the power of her mind. That and her own wish to complete a little star tattoo on her face.

Like her two historical inspirations though, the real task is to find love for herself, can she achieve it? You will have to watch and find out if she too can get her sexy on, or if our heroine will just have to wait for true loves kiss. Mind you, that sounds like an entirely different movie.

”Get Your Sexy On” is out now and available on iTunes.

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