Lovepark – “21/12”

30 Apr

Lovepark 2112

We’ve spoken before about 2014 being the year of returns, the year where seemingly a LOT of artists we have loved over the years have awoken from varying depths of hibernation and are on course to fulfil their undoubted potential. We’ve talked about Spring Offensive, Lovestarrs, Florrie and Ronika all delivering new material and wowing us with it. We’ve also been excited by new songs from The Night VI and Jack Robert Hardman and an unexpected but very welcome return from Aquilo. There have been others and today we are adding Brighton four-piece Lovepark to that list.

OK, so technically they returned 3 months ago (still 2014 though) with “Jester” but they have just announced a new EP and released the title track, so we are going with that.

We had previously heard from them back in 2012 when their late summer evening listening track ”How Do I See?” made it into our tracks of the year list. Though sadly the track has since been removed from Soundcloud. New track “21/12” is, thankfully, on Soundcloud (be a bit odd if it wasn’t to be honest) and is much less drinking a beer in the sun, much more understated drama and intrigue.

The guitar thuds with the drums, stomping with purpose and emphasis as the vocals rise above, contrasting the base, angular sounds. There’s a softness within as well as synths, cymbals and harmonies come together in a flurry of rippling mist. The contrast is striking, punching melts into floating collapses into punching blends into floating in four minutes of interesting and exciting indie pop.

Like each of the others artists we listed above, Lovepark have returned with some high quality sounds in 2014 and we’re looking forward to finding out what comes next.

”21/12” is the title track from Lovepark’s forthcoming EP which is due for release via SnakeTown Records on 26 May. To celebrate, the guys will be playing a free show at the Shacklewell Arms on 29 May.

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