Escapists – “Blood”

1 May


Back in February we were introduced to London based Escapists who, with “Breaking It Up” brought us all a present of highly polished indie rock that was all angular and like jagged machinery, the kind that could cut through bone with the minimum of fuss. Now they have returned with a track that we like to think is all about being a blogger (it’s not).

Lyrics like “We’ve been up all night / Slurring vocabulary / Can’t you see your eyes / Oh they’re kinda scary” could quite easily describe our late night listening and writing sessions that sometimes bleed into the small hours and our eyes certainly feel like they could give people the heebie jeebies right now. Yet, surprisingly, Escapists have not chosen a bloggers life as the inspiration for “Blood”, as singer Simon Glancy has explained; “It’s about the energy of staying-up all night and how bright-eyed optimism of the day to come can quickly evaporate into paranoia and disorientation”. So not far off really…

Suitably “blood” sounds just like that. It’s soft and warm and enthusiastic to begin with, like a relaxing day of sunshine and seeing where the day leads you kind of moment. Then though, the guitars ramp up the energy and the vocals begin to stretch out and feel pained. The late night is taking its toll and sanity is beginning to evaporate.

So, yeah, just like being a blogger.

Like its predecessor, “Blood” has a polished and refined feel to it. It’s infectious, energetic and entirely suitable for those big jump and down moments people like to have in fields over the summer. Speaking of festivals, Escapists are playing two shows at The Great Escape next week, details are below.

”Blood” is out now via Secret Dinosaur and available from iTunes.

Escapists live dates – May:
3 – Hoxton Bar and Kitchen (London)
9 – Euphonios and Badlife present @ The Great Escape (Brighton)
10 – Earworm @ The Great Escape (Brighton)

Stalk Escapists: Website / Facebook / Twitter

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