The White Bicycles – “Easier” (video)

1 May

The White Bicycles Easier

Back in early 2013 we fell for the becalming and soothing sounds of Falmouth’s The White Bicycles, so much so that we made them our ’W’ band. The music was so lovely that we felt sure that they would soon be talked about across the blog world yet they seemed to drop off the radar somewhat. Fast forward a year and there’s been a new addition to the band, a new track – the stark and beguiling ”Dust”, an EP on the way and now, a video for another new track, “Easier”.

Like the video, “Easier” has a warmth and charm to it. It brings to mind a muted, softer and more laidback Spring Offensive. Matthew Howes’ vocals are calming, the synths are gentle and the subject matter is an aspect of life that is often forgotten but should never be ignored. Like Spring Offensive, The White Bicycles are able to convey these aspects of our existence in a respectful manner, almost affectionate they give us tenderness and concern within their soothing melodies and cushioned digital rhythms. It’s really rather lovely.

When they were featured by esteemed publication, The Tipping Point recently, it was noted that The White Bicycles had thus far managed to fly mostly under the radar. With tracks like “Dust” and “Easier” as well as a debut EP (which is also very very lovely, trust us) surely that won’t be the case for much longer.

”Easier” is taken from their forthcoming eponymous EP which is due for release on 5 May and can be pre-ordered here.

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