Iyes – “Toys”

2 May

Iyes - Toys

This post contains a tenuous connection for no good reason
Warning ends.

Just a few days ago, when discussing the matchmaking charms of the new Lovestarrs video, we referenced Jane Austen’s Emma and Cher Horowitz from Clueless as examples of cupid like people. We almost included Blind Date’s Cilla Black, but we chose not to. Now though that looks like a massive oversight as we could have gone with the whole Surprise Surprise angle today in response to Iyes out of the blue posting of a new demo last night.

But we didn’t, so we can’t.


Still, while we can’t reference one part of 80’s pop culture, we can point to another as “Toys” features what sounds like some distinctly Commodore 64 like computer game glitchiness, as well as smoky vocals from both Josh and Melis. Indeed, their vocals entwine like undulating bodies as the crisp beat crashes like a caught breath in a moment of passion. While previous track ”Breathe” was soft and sensual, “Toys” is surprisingly sultry and very sexy. They even pause for a moment of heavy breathing for goodness sake, before the melody slinks back along like some kind of electronica temptress, all seductive and irresistible.

We just checked under our collar, it’s pretty hot in there.

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