LVLS – “Blood Dance” & “W.S.C.B.F”

2 May

LVLS Blood Dance

It seems like it was only January when the LVLS crew released their Teenager EP (because it was) yet here they are, back again and about to release another one, R.I.P Joey Fritz. They are certainly prolific and also very generous for they have already shared two of the EPs tracks for you to enjoy, “Blood Dance” and “W.S.C.B.F”.

On Teenager LVLS showed their versatility and appreciation of differing musical styles, and with these two new songs, they have gone even further.

“Blood dance” is a sinister electronic sneak through a dark, haunted house. All tingle making synths, creeping guitars and whispered vocals, it’s what we imagine The Cure would have sounded like if they’d started out in the last 12months rather than all those years ago. Despite it’s disturbing undertones though, it is remarkably catchy and lively and even as you peer tentatively round the corner, unsure of what monsters may await, you’ll find your head nodding, toes tapping and shoulders giving a little roll here and there.

“W.S.C.B.F” (it stands for ‘we still can’t be friends’ by the way) on the other hand is an 80’s infused, pop-rock tune with a very large, fist in the air at the end of Breakfast Club sounding chorus. It’s pumped up and vibrant and while “Blood Dance” pulsated with a shadowy sense of foreboding, “W.S.C.B.F” pulses with an uncontainable energy and frustrated passion. The harmonies and contrasting raw, emotive male and softer, much more cool female vocals are pretty damn lovely as well.

They are both very different to one another, and different to the tracks on Teenager, but they both share an infectiousness and fantastic musical dexterity. What will they do next?

The ‘R.I.P Joey Fritz’ EP is due for release on 12 May.

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