Rae Morris – “Unguarded”

2 May

Rae Morris

Despite being around for a while and having released a number of tracks previously, the first time we heard Rae Morris’s heavenly vocals was on January’s exquisite “Skin”. Shame on us. Thankfully though, our negligence has been set right and we are now fully signed up to the Rae Morris fan club. While we wait patiently for our googly eye badges and secret code words to arrive, we have a heavenly new song to enjoy in “Unguarded”.

Taken from her forthcoming Do You Even Know? EP, “Unguarded” is a sumptuous and divine ballad. Like falling back into the most comfortable bed you’ve ever had, it’s smile making, swoon inducing and gorgeous. There’s more detail here, more depth and layered sounds. The arrangement is deft, precision plucks of strings and taps of rhythm all perfectly placed to build the melody and showcase this most gorgeous of voices.

We could listen to Rae sing for hours, her voice is so rich and smooth; we have the kind of reaction usually had by attractive women in chocolate adverts as they slip a bit of Galaxy or similar into their mouth. We’re all closed eyes and satisfied smiles as the textures melt and wash over us. One bite just isn’t enough.

The ‘Do You Even Know?’ EP will be released on 6 May and can be pre-orderedhere.

Rae Morris Tour Dates:
2 May – Liverpool Sound City, Liverpool
3 May – Live at Leeds, Leeds
5 May – The Art Bar, Oxford
7 May – Open, Norwich
8 May – The Great Escape Festival, Brighton

Stalk Rae Morris: Website / Facebook / Twitter


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