Explorers – “Radar”

3 May

Explorers Radar

When we last featured Chesterfield’s Explorers last October they did warn us it would be a little while before we heard from them again. The usually prolific nostalgic pop-culture loving duo of Jeremy Dennis and Robert Bannister were planning on taking time out to work on a debut album. Seven months later and they haven’t tipped us the wink on its progress or potential arrival, but they have shared new track “Radar” and it is, as you’d expect, a fantastically energetic piece of retro-electro.

In a way, Explorers are like Strangers‘ long lost brothers, the DNA is the same but their environment and upbringing was very different. Where Strangers seek a shadowy path of the day to day, love, lust and relationships, Explorers reach into the past and go on grand adventures of imagination, reminiscence and yes, relationships.

“Radar” is like a fighter jet streaking across the vast American desserts, in and out of the Grand canyon, swooping and barrel rolling as the synths swoosh and quickfire bursts of a digitised beat blast out. The vocals are wisps of cloud cover, the electronic embellishments the call of a radar, desperately trying to track this magnificent beast. It’s upbeat, uplifting energy and high octane effervescence though makes it an impossibility and the track is left to soar and play.

”Radar” is out now and available to buy on iTunes.

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