Frett – “Milk”

4 May

Frett Milk

Ahh Sunday mornings. The traditional and perfect time to unwind the world and give into relaxation and rejuvenation of the body and soul. A lie in, a cup of tea in bed, no hustle, no bustle, just quiet and soothing. Sadly with two alphabet bands nippers running riot each and every morning Sunday calm is something of a long forgotten eventuality, a pipe dream. That doesn’t mean there can’t ever be moments of peace and when there are, we’d quite like them to be soundtracked by Frett.

We first featured the Suffolk duo of Simon Lucas-Hughes and Elliott Buckle a few weeks back when we posted the kind of odd but great video for the wistful electronic atmospherics of ”Porcelain”. Now they are back with some more wistful electronic atmospherics but (so far) no odd video in the shape of “Milk”.

More understated than “Porcelain”, “Milk” treads carefully, making deliberate and considered footprints as it makes its way through the muddy countryside. As it begins, a distant digital bell chimes out in the distance before the beat begins its walk, a squall of guitars, synths and drums crashes in momentarily before fading. The dark brooding of a summer thunderstorm edging closer but never quite hitting as the journey continues.

Despite that, “Milk” remains calm, soothing and gentle. Perfect for a moment of quiet on a grey Sunday morning.

”Milk” features on Frett’s forthcoming ’EP3’ which is due for release on 12 May and can be pre-ordered here.

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