GEMS – “Scars”

12 Jun

Gems Scars

We’re not sure about where you are, but right now here in Norwich it is a glorious day full of bright sunshine and beautiful blue skies. It’s the kind of day that makes you wish you were sat out on the grass, or walking along the beach, sunglasses and a ‘nothing can bother me today’ smile on your face. The kind of day that needs a soft and swoonsome soundtrack. The kind of day that needs a new song from GEMS.

Thankfully it is the kind of day that has just that as the Brooklyn pair today released the brand new and beautiful “Scars” to the world. Their first new tune since last year’s Medusa EP (one of our favourites of 2013), it is a typically sublime piece of gossamer soft melodies and Lindsay’s heavenly vocals. It ebbs like the tide and caresses like a gentle sea breeze, brushing your cheek with like a lovers hand. Gorgeous stuff from a gorgeous band on a gorgeous day. Just what the Doctor ordered.

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One Response to “GEMS – “Scars””

  1. Minibus Hire Rotherham June 16, 2014 at 10:10 #

    I haven’t heard this one before. What a brilliant song.

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