Craig David – “Cold”

3 Jul


Perhaps ironically given that we have been in something of a blog coma recently (damn you World Cup for demanding all our attention) we have been suffering from a bit of insomnia. There have been many random thoughts making their way across the subspace highway of our mind as we lay awake late at night and perhaps the most unbelievable of all was the question that appeared one night, where is Craig David?

Not heard from since 2010 we wondered if he had walked away from music. Certainly he seemed to have fallen in love with the gym and we questioned if this was part of a hidden agenda to become a world champion bodybuilder. After going through such a great rise and fall we doubted he would ever return to music and figured any suggestion of new tunes was just one more lie. He’d had his metaphorical seven days of fame and that was it.

Not so, as Popjustice filled us in earlier today, Craig David is back with the promise of a new album and a brand new tune which, despite being called “Cold” is pretty hot stuff. Trust us.

As you’d expect from the Southampton boy who was born to do it, the electronic infused R&B is slicker than the average and we are certainly glad for this unexpected rendezvous with him. It’s proper bo.

One Response to “Craig David – “Cold””

  1. Name unknown July 26, 2014 at 09:38 #

    Eeeeeeeee……it IS proper bo and Craig David is found alive and well, phew. What of Boyz 2 Men now? 🙂

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