Lincoln – “Fading Light”

29 Jul


Until the other day, Lincoln was not a name we were familiar with. Well, obviously we were familiar with it, what with it being the name of a very famous former President, cars, and movies about famous former presidents and of course, living in the east of England, there is good old Lincoln City one of the few cities in the country that makes Norwich feel like a sprawling metropolis. No, we mean that until the other day, we were not familiar with the name Lincoln in a musical context. We are now though and it is entirely possible that soon a lot more people will be too.

Hailing from Sydney in Australia (an actual sprawling metropolis), Lincoln lives a paradoxical double life. Emergency nurse, saving lives, by day, dark brooding songstress, embracing death and loss, by night. Though in all honesty that’s a good thing, not only because it means she isn’t getting distracted by the macabre whilst having a rummage in your internal organs, but because the resultant music is pretty darn beautiful.

Her latest release, “Fading Light” is a prime example. A simple, mournful piano line is a bed for Lincoln’s soft, heartfelt vocals. They lie, waiting for the darkness to envelop them and soon their patience is rewarded, the rhythm bursts forth and a shadowy foreboding looms above. Dramatic and menacing, her vocals call out with a convulsive arch of the back, eager to entwine and become one with this sinister melodic lover.

”Fading Light” is taken from Lincoln’s ‘Visions of a Fading Light’ EP which is out now on iTunes.

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One Response to “Lincoln – “Fading Light””

  1. Name not supplied July 29, 2014 at 11:06 #

    It’s quite dark isn’t it, it’s good though if a bit stalkery

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