Ocean Calling – “White Light”

30 Jul

Ocean Calling

Back in March, Sophie Wilkie reeled us in with nothing more than a quirky and gorgeous pronunciation of the word ‘snow’. That and the superbly evocative song “Desert Sky Scarlet” that contained it.

Having taken us off on a grand adventure around the world, Sophie is back as Ocean Calling and the travel bug has clearly bitten her again, “The open road is calling /out our name / let’s leave tonight” she sings. With a gleam in her eye she smiles and reaches out to us and we can’t help but raise our hand to hers to be whisked off once more.

“White Light” has a gorgeously mid-nineties pop feel to it, dream pop before we knew what dream pop was, like a modern dubstar but with more grandeur and beauty laden within. Her lyrical imagery is exquisite, capturing the breathtaking magnificence of nature. The world around us is majestic and Ocean Calling wants us to experience it, share it and love it. If nothing else, she is making us want to travel and you can be sure that as we ride the train, boat, truck, elephant to wherever and everywhere that it will be her music providing the soundtrack.

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One Response to “Ocean Calling – “White Light””

  1. Name not supplied July 31, 2014 at 10:27 #

    I can’t listen to this just yet but I wanted to say how much I enjoy your writing 🙂

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