Harry Edwards – “The Only Thing You See”

31 Jul

Harry Edwards

Long time readers will know that, as residents of the Fine City we like to promote music from in and around Norwich whenever we can, as long as it is good of course. So it is our pleasure to finally introduce to you a young lad from just outside the city walls, Harry Edwards.

We say ‘finally’ as we’ve actually been listening to and talking about Harry for about a year now, we even took his track “Strangle Button” (it’s gorgeous) with us when we went on Amazing Radio ages and ages ago. No doubt full of youthful effervescence and get-up-and-go, Harry is crazy prolific and not afraid to share anything. Until recently his soundcloud profile was chock full of tracks, drafts of tracks, and alternate versions of tracks often showing different styles of electronic production and sound (he’s had a bit of a spring clean recently).

It is his atmospheric side that we love the most though and much like the aforementioned “Strangle Button”, the recently uploaded “The Only Thing You See” is hauntingly beautiful. With misty, muted vocals mixed with the gentle ripple of tide against shore, it drifts effortlessly along, wispy and emotive in its simple elegance. Reminiscent of Arrange and Garnets, both of whom we adore, Edwards has crafted a gorgeously majestic and monochromatic vista. Like a stag drinking from a still forest lake, covered in low level cloud, it is simple, powerful and stunning.

Stalk Harry Edwards: Bandcamp / Facebook

One Response to “Harry Edwards – “The Only Thing You See””

  1. Name not supplied July 31, 2014 at 19:36 #

    Yes, it’s chasmiclly magnificent and beautiful, like if cathedrals were music

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