Gold Spectacles – “Escape Your Love”

6 Aug

Gold Spectacles

Having so far embraced mystery this week, we thought it best we focused on all the things we do know and can speak about with certainty. Then we remembered that is practically nothing anyway so it’s back to the enigmatic with London based ‘baroque-pop’ duo Gold Spectacles. To be fair, we do know a little more about them than we do about Eyelid Kid and Black Honey, but not much. Here’s what we know.

There’s two of them.
They’re based in London.
They formed in 2012.
They got a bit of buzz going with previous song, “Steal You Away”, which garnered some blog coverage, remixes and a tonne of plays on Soundcloud.
There’s two of them.

Errr, that’s about it.

Whilst we could, and are tempted to, speculate about who they are, why they are called Gold Spectacles and what it was that drove them to lead this mysterious life, shrouded in a veil of secrecy, intrigue and mystery (are they on the run from some fiendish crime overload who has sworn revenge after they thwarted one of his dastardly plans as teenagers for example); we will instead focus on the music and specifically on their new track, “Escape Your Love” (not ‘escape your evil unquenchable need for vengeance’ sadly).

“Escape Your Love” is a fantastic piece of pop, awash with a delightful Scandinavian feel. The vocals are bright and beautiful, the rhythm motors along like an open top car on a tree laden road with the sea to the side and the sun high in the sky. The song drives along gloriously, sounding and feeling gorgeous and instilling a feeling of contentment and happiness as you bob and rock along subconsciously, drawing odd glances from your colleagues as you do so. That might just be us…

Regardless, it’s a super track and we would happily go the rest of our lives knowing nothing about Gold Spectacles if they keep making music this good.

“Escape Your Love” is available now as a free download from the Soundcloud player below.”

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One Response to “Gold Spectacles – “Escape Your Love””

  1. Name not supplied August 6, 2014 at 21:19 #

    This is quite festivally, plinky and popping like bubbles

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