Valise – “Charlie Gray”

8 Aug


Regular readers will know that while we have no problem with mystery acts here at Alphabet Bands (hell, we’ve posted about a bunch just this week) we do love a good backstory. Now, we’re pretty sure no-one will ever beat the brilliance of how Charity Children came to be, but Dallas based Valise have a pretty interesting history themselves.

You often hear about how successful bands came about when a group of likeminded souls with similar tastes in music and backgrounds join together, click instantly and make sweet music all night long. Or something. It’s not always the case though and certainly not for Vince, Jared, Ricky and Casey whose pre-Valise lives variously include stints in jazz, metal, country, folk and rock projects. Indeed, they even started out as more of a rock band than the somewhat experimental, swirling pop act they are now. Perhaps most interestingly though is the fact that, having two deaf parents, music played very little role in lead vocalist Vince Penick’s young life. Having grown up surrounded by music of all varieties and styles played constantly by various family members, we find it hard to imagine a time when music was an unknown element and what it must have been like discovering it at an older age. We’d imagine it to be much like a sexual awakening, new sensations and feelings and all that, and we were not surprised to learn that Vince, an avid consumer and creator of music now, has a passionate but perhaps exceptional view on music, it’s influence and importance.

It is this diversity in musical tastes and unique experience as well as their patience and willingness to evolve and change that has informed their sound and in particular their new track, “Charlie Gray”. It is a sparkling mesh of light and sound with a gorgeous orchestral arrangement providing the backdrop to a cavalcade of keys, melody and an incessant, rat-a-tat rhythm.

Comparisons with Death Cab For Cutie are inevitable given Vince’s vocals and the vocoder use, but there are other influences and styles on offer that may not be as obvious. Flourishes of Delphic-ian electronics are interwoven with Polaroid85-esque blend of organic string arrangements and high-tempo tip-hoppy beats. It feels both energetic and entirely languid at the same time creating an exhilarating aural swirl of tingling pop loveliness.

”Charlie Gray” is the first single from Valise’s forthcoming album, ‘Young Bloomer’, and is currently available now as a free download from the player below.

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One Response to “Valise – “Charlie Gray””

  1. Name not supplied August 8, 2014 at 21:25 #

    I like the way you see sound and visualise music in what you write 🙂

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