Luke De-Sciscio – “Always”

11 Aug

Luke De-Sciscio

Such is the life of a new music blogger and so inundated are we with new music that it is entirely possible to forget where you first heard of an artist or a track. Often you can even think you’ve discovered someone new only to find they have been around for ages doing various things with varying success.

We experienced both of those events with just one artist recently when we started listening to Luke De-Sciscio’s latest tune on Soundcloud. ‘Who is this we have discovered’? we wondered. Only to realise that not only had his label actually sent us the track via Soundcloud, that they had even emailed us two weeks ago about the song and indeed, as a quick Google revealed, Luke has been making and recoding music for a few years now and featured on the odd Hype-Machine registered blog from time to time already.

Like we said, so inundated it’s sometimes hard to keep track.

Still, with Google-fu in full swing we determined the following.

A singer-songwriter of Anglo-Italian descent, De-Sciscio has been a solo artist, been a member of Bath-based indie rock band The Dollrats and then a solo artist once more. He cites Jeff Buckley, Van Morrison, Joni Mitchell and Kate Bush as influences and last year was invited to play ‘An Evening with Jeff Buckley’ the annual tribute show held at Arlene’s Grocery in New York. His music has (randomly – he didn’t even know it was happening) appeared on Hollyoaks (as more and more up and coming artists appear to do so these days) and is about to release his third EP, Rust.

More importantly though, his new track (and the first to be taken from the upcoming EP) is pretty darn excellent. On “Always” De-Sciscio manages to sound like Morrissey, Sivu and mid-90’s indie rockers Mansun all rolled into one. It’s no small feat and one that works surprisingly well. It rocks gently, swirls lightly and grinds just enough. There’s a subtle sense of urgency within, not tense or stressful, but enough to quicken your pulse a touch. The chorus builds and hurtles along like an outpouring of emotion, the vocals pained and raw as cymbals crash and guitars and strings flurry.

It may not be the most original song you’ll hear this week, but originality is overrated, it’s quality that’s important and this is a cracking tune that is worth checking out.

Luke De-Sciscio’s ‘Rust’ EP is due out on 3 September via Source Mountain Records and is available to pre-order now.

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2 Responses to “Luke De-Sciscio – “Always””

  1. Name not supplied August 11, 2014 at 21:43 #

    Yeah I like this, it’s busy and energetic

  2. robyn August 12, 2014 at 00:29 #

    Such a good track

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