Explorers – “We All Run”

12 Aug


Chesterfield’s Explorers have become something of a favourite on the blog in recent years with their big, energetic synth sounds flicking many of our oversized neon switches. While we wait patiently for their debut album we’re pleased that Jeremy Dennis and Robert Bannister are still slipping the odd tune out here and there to keep us ticking over.

Latest single “We All Run” is typically bold and bright, oozing optimism from every pore. We love how they create music that is full of vibrant energy that makes you feel like you are flying. Previous track ”Radar” was like a jet plane and “We All Run” is like we’d imagine having superpowers to be like. Turning, swooping, whooshing effortlessly through the air before dropping down to the ground and running faster than a speeding bullet, the melodious wind in our hair as our feet tap out the rhythm. The sun shines brightly on the horizon, calling us to it as we run deliriously, feeling invincible and ecstatic.

It’s a perfect summer tune and only makes us that more impatient for the album.

”We All Run” is out now and available to buy from iTunes.

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One Response to “Explorers – “We All Run””

  1. Name not supplied August 12, 2014 at 22:05 #

    This is very nice, a high octane slap of awesome

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