Avec Sans – “All Of Time” (free download)

21 Aug

Avec Sans

Recently we heard our taste on the blog described as ‘mostly attractive women with floaty vocals’, which we can completely get behind. That’s not to say we don’t like other styles of music, of course we do, and we post them often. Now is not one of those times though as one of our favourite duos, Avec Sans, has returned with another gorgeous tune of pop loveliness; a tune which just happens to feature an attractive woman with floaty vocals. Hey, we likes what we likes.

Offered as a free download (via their Facebook page – link below) “All Of Time” is a welcome return for one of acts to listen out for this year and as divine as anything they have done to date. Alice’s vocals are both breathy and crystal smooth, floating over skittish and infectious rhythms and synth lines that skip along the line marked chart-friendly and super-chic. It swirls and dances, jumps and spins, euphoric in sound and sensibility yet is twinged with melancholy, which are pretty much the ideal ingredients for the perfect pop song.

The video is below, we love it but then, you knew we would…

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One Response to “Avec Sans – “All Of Time” (free download)”

  1. Name not supplied August 23, 2014 at 20:10 #

    Nothing wrong with getting behind an attractive woman with floaty vocals….

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