Deaths – “Lonewolves”

12 Sep


Like a ninja emerging stealthily from the shadows, yesterday saw mysterious Berlin based act Deaths step into the light with a track so gorgeous, it totally blindsides you with monochromatic beauty. Not since Tears & Marble produced that Haddaway cover have we been so surprised and taken with a song so quickly. Not that we are the only ones, the blog world got itself in quite the lather of excitement yesterday with the debut of “Lonewolves”, and understandably so.

As is often the case with artists these days, not much is known about Deaths (though we understand it used to be a solo project and now comprises a full band) but whilst we would normally have a bit of a grumble or make a joke about the lack of info, this is one of those times when it really should be all about the music. “Lonewolves” is just stunning.

Enveloped in rolling grey clouds of delicately rumbling digital production, the synth lines and guitar picks tumble gracefully like snow, cool and mesmeric. Meanwhile, as your head looks entranced to the heavens, the percussion snaps and crunches like frost under foot. It’s dark but, like death itself, there is light flickering in the distance, a faint glow that compels you to it. It’s gorgeous, take a listen and prepare to be excited about their forthcoming EP.

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One Response to “Deaths – “Lonewolves””

  1. Name unknown September 15, 2014 at 18:06 #

    This is very nice, cool write up too 🙂

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