Fickle Friends – “For You”

15 Sep

Fickle Friends

One thing we’ve noticed in just over three years of writing this blog is that we tend to talk about the weather. A lot.

Maybe it’s our inherent Britishness that makes it an inescapable part of our psychological makeup, ingrained in our DNA if you will. Or perhaps it is because our palatial offices here at Alphabet Towers have vast floor to ceiling windows that we can’t help but gaze wistfully out of all day.

Something we are doing right now in fact, enjoying the vista that is laid before us as the countryside rolls off into the distance and the grey, dull and drizzly clouds loom ominously in the distance. There is gloom a ‘coming and what we wouldn’t give for an injection of sunshine to dissolve the onset of the inevitable bleakness and drudgery of dark skies and showers.

Thank goodness then for Brighton’s Fickle Friends, a band who, despite their predilection for lyrics reflecting melancholy and confusion, seem incapable of making music that sounds ilke anything less than a glorious summer of fun and frivolity. Case in point is their third single, “For You”, which is about the realisation that no matter how much you may want it to; your relationship just isn’t going to go anywhere.

Not exactly happy making we think you’ll agree, but musically it’s another dazzlingly bright glare of sunshine in your eyeball. The hooks are big and uplifting, the guitar and synth lines dazzle and the rhythm skittles and scuttles like a group of friends quad-biking along the beach without a care in the world.

Funnily enough, having had this on repeat all morning, the view out of our window is starting to look a lot brighter; less cloud and more sunshine.

”For You” is out now on Killing Moon and available to buy from iTunes.

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One Response to “Fickle Friends – “For You””

  1. Name unknown September 15, 2014 at 18:10 #

    This is making me wish summer were here again, it’s a top down sort of song. On the car I meant.

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