Lionface – “Girl”

16 Sep

lionface girl

Depending on who you ask, rock is either dead, alive and kicking, better than ever, on life support, at home eating jelly babies while catching up with The Sopranos (it was always too busy grinding out ear-splitting riffs the first time around to see it but it always wanted to) or out with its mates having a drink and a spliff talking about the good old days man, those good old days. Frankly we couldn’t give a fig (a fig!) about the infernal and endless debate as to rock’s health, be it rude or otherwise. We’d much rather listen to the great music that this generation is making, some of which, rocks.

Take Kat Marsh for example, performing as Lionface (it’s a name, not a condition) she last year released two EPs that were full of aggression and richter scale shaking angular noise that threatened to bring nearby buildings crashing down.

Her sound, as highlighted on new track “Girl”, is frenetic, industrial and rawkus. Like a Steampunk Willy Wonka making music rather than chocolate, she has mixed, sieved, blended and mashed pop, rock, electronica and the avant-garde into a bombastic explosion of colour and sound.

A slow, sinewy electronic opening and soft welcoming vocals is soon cast aside as the volcanic force of the Lionface bursts out from within Kat and “Girl” kicks off. Ka-boom goes the bass as it drops in under the relentless drumbeat, Kat’s vocals increasing in energy and power as it does. Frenzied guitar and synth lines flash as the thundering, shuddering, crashing and smashing of the track escalates into conclusion before dissipating into an exhausted heap of digital satisfaction.

Rock’s not dead people, it’s just evolved. Embrace the change and enjoy.

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One Response to “Lionface – “Girl””

  1. Name not supplied September 29, 2014 at 19:15 #

    She sounds like my hormones, she’s super 🙂

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