Vérité – “Weekend” (video)

17 Sep


Yesterday we blathered on nonsensically for a bit about the rock is/isn’t dead debate as a crutch to talk about the cracking new Lionface single. In a similar vein, we thought it worth noting that no-one ever really debates the relative alive/deceased status of pop. Not even when the likes of Boyzone and 5ive were doing everything they could to end it as a worthwhile genre. Part of the reason for this is that the definition of pop is fluid, with blurred boundaries that marble in and out of other genres at will. Another reason is that there is always a sensational new pop artist just around the corner, waiting to be discovered.

In recent months the blog world has discovered and enthusiastically embraced Vérité, a New York based pop superstar in the making. Vocally there are shades of Lorde and Lana in there but Vérité is more euphoric, more fantastically danceable and delicious than either. Her latest offering, “Weekend”, was hailed to the rafters on its release last month and now there is an equally wonderful if surprisingly dark video to accompany it.

Listening to “Weekend” without getting your groove on is pretty darn hard, watching Vérité getting her groove on whilst singing makes it all the more difficult and potentially embarrassing when you are sneaking a watch at work in your lunch hour. Thankfully there is a narrative to provide distraction from your compulsion to roll your shoulders and bounce a bit in your chair. It’s boy meets girl meets Fun Bobby episodes of Friends meets Final Destination and it’s excellent.

Oh, and we’re totally stealing ‘you’ve got nice ears’ for future use as well.

”Weekend” is out now and available as a free download from Vérité’s Facebook page.

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One Response to “Vérité – “Weekend” (video)”

  1. Name not supplied September 29, 2014 at 19:18 #

    This is a lovely song, nicely shot video and great write up from you

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