Death In The Afternoon – “Let’s Talk”

18 Sep


It’s been a while since we posted any Swedish pop music which, frankly, feels like a massive oversight on our part. Thankfully the wonderful Sommarhjarta label (home to blog favourites Summer Heart and Sameblod) has come to our rescue with a brand new single from dreamy-synth-pop duo, Death In The Afternoon.

Following on from their debut album, Kino, “Let’s Talk” is a gloriously warm track, with echoes of Bronksi Beat-esque synth and guitar lines permeating through the groovy bass track. Christian Nanzell’s vocals are feather light and soft, a refreshing counter to the sharp stab of drums that will have your feet tapping, then shuffling, then grooving gently around the bathroom as you get ready for an evening out. For example. We’re not saying that is something we’ve done in the last 24 hours or anything. Ahem.

It’s delightful in the subtle way it uplifts and inspires happiness and creates smiles. It takes you gently by the hand for a good boogie in its neon-lit retro-inspired and future proof discotheque and you just end up having a wonderful time, drenched in its gloriously dreamy pop glow.

Stalk Death In The Afternoon: Website / Facebook / Twitter

One Response to “Death In The Afternoon – “Let’s Talk””

  1. Name not supplied September 29, 2014 at 19:25 #

    This is a funky spacey track, futuristic and retro all at once like when I watch Star Trek TNG 😉

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