Chløë Black – “27 Club”

20 Oct

Chloe Black

After bringing you something this morning that was a few days old (which we all know equates to months and months in internet years) here is something brand spanking new to get your ears around from the very special and very buzzy Chløë Black.

A quick google of ‘Chloe Black’ brings up a number of results pertaining to a tattoo artist. While we can’t yet be 100% sure that Chloe Black is not one and the same as this Chløë Black, there’s undoubtedly a joke in there about how this one will definitely leave an indelible mark on your soul with her music. She will though.

Her lyrically dextrous ode to the paradoxical immortality of those musicians who lived fast, died young and (for the most part) left a good looking corpse behind is full of a dark and infectious soul. “27 Club” is infused with touches of r&b and gospel as well as that elegantly gothic and rich sound that many of her contemporaries have embraced recently. Comparisons with Lana Del Rey have, inevitably, been lain at her feet already and it is entirely understandable as to why. There are similarities in style but it is Lana’s own fascination with the fabled ‘27 club’ and the furore around her interview with The Guardian about her apparent wish to join it, that makes the association most pertinent.

There are others we could mention as influences or reference points for this extremely strong debut track, but that would detract from what is a fantastically captivating tune. It’s been on repeat here for the last hour or so, take a listen and join us in getting lost in this compelling and stunning darkness.

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One Response to “Chløë Black – “27 Club””

  1. Name unknown November 12, 2014 at 21:13 #

    This is a nice track, good beat and nice singing, if a wee bit morbid but still….you write about it very nicely too 🙂

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