John J. Presley – “Honeybee”

21 Oct

John J Presley

We did warn you earlier today that we were in the mood for music that grinds and shudders. We’re in the mood for music that straddles the line between unwashed and hobo-chic while totally pulling off the looking and sounding cool thing. We’re in the mood for the kind of music that John J. Presley is giving us with his new single, “Honeybee”.

As any two year old child will tell you, the sound a honeybee makes is ‘buzz’. Yet Presley’s honeybee not only buzzes as the guitars warp and reverberate around the darkened underground room he is no doubt playing in; it bends and distorts, it stomps and smashes and it pretty much rocks our little world.

Honestly, it’s the kind of music that if we could, we’d be playing. We love that twisted, fuzzy guitar sound and the bluesy rhythms and his laconic drawl. Holy cow we love his intonation, the way he draws out ‘delusion’ into a woozy sentence in its own right is just fantastic. There’s a wonderfully hidden poshness buried in those vocals, like Frank’n’Furter rocking some moonshine soaked blues on the karaoke.

We bloody love it.

”Honeybee is out now via Killing Moon records and is available to buy from iTunes.

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One Response to “John J. Presley – “Honeybee””

  1. Name unknown November 12, 2014 at 21:19 #

    Reminds me of jimi Hendrix in parts 🙂

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