Oh Land – “Head Up High” (video)

23 Oct

Oh Land

Yesterday we told you that today we would be bringing you the new Oh Land video, and here we are, today, bringing you the new Oh Land video. There are two reasons for this, one is that we said we would, so we are, and the other is because we really like Oh Land, we even wrote about her second debut release (it makes sense, really) way back when this blog wasn’t really this blog yet. Oh, and we really like her new video too; three reasons.

Granted, we don’t know why her room looks a bit like a well furnished prison cell, but perhaps that is to foreshadow the eventual destructive behaviour and the representation of breaking free. Or something else. It’s probably something else.

What we do know is that “Head Up High” is quintessentially Oh Land, big poppy loveliness, electronics in all the right places, a stupidly infectious hook and fabulous inflection in her vocals. It’s also something different, something slightly darker in spirit and tone than that fabulous EP from all those years ago (note, yep, we do know she is now on her fourth album, we’re drawing a line from her start (ok, second start) to now). It’s almost electro-pop Lana but the pop has pretty much completely washed away all that stone washed glamour and replaced it with something you can dance energetically too. Which we would do, if we could dance.

“Head Up High” features on Oh Land’s new album, ‘Earth Sick’, and is available from iTunes.

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One Response to “Oh Land – “Head Up High” (video)”

  1. Name unknown November 12, 2014 at 21:26 #

    This should be more out there than it is really, it’s dancey and miles better than the chuff that gets airtime

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