Elsie – “Balance”

12 Nov

Elsie Balance

Over the last several months or so, London based Liverpudlian Elsie, has given us cause to take more than one metaphorical cold shower. With tales of love lost and won, and a little lust and sexiness from time to time as well, her sultry and seductive melodies, combined with her rich and soulful vocals, have got us hot under the typewriter on more than one occasion.

Now she has returned with her first independently released EP, Balance, and with Jessie Ware producer, Brey, along for the ride on the title track.

As you would expect, the collaboration really works, with the electronic bass sounds and noodles (technical term) of Brey blending perfectly with the emotive tenderness of Elsie’s voice. It flickers effortlessly like a flame, bending and warping with the breeze as the beat pops gently, spitting tiny rocks of rhythm out onto the rug. The rug where Elsie no doubt sits with her wine, singing wistfully to her companion who sadly hasn’t noticed her drifting as he watches sport/plays on his xbox/takes no interest in her day.

It is still sexy sounding, and like her previous track, ”Gone By Sunrise”, it contains elements of Aaliyah-esque r&b, something we are very much in favour of continuing. Heck, we’re in favour of Elsie making music full stop.

”Balance” is taken from Elsie’s forthcoming EP of the same name, which is due for release on 17 November.

Stalk Elsie: Website / Facebook / Twitter

One Response to “Elsie – “Balance””

  1. Name unknown November 12, 2014 at 21:31 #

    Yeah we like this 🙂

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