2015 Preview: Listen Out For #10 – Daisy Victoria

3 Dec

Daisy Victoria has blue hair

That Daisy Victoria is featuring on our artists to listen out for next year should come as no surprise to anyone who has read the site even just a little in the last 12 months. We first featured her at the end of January and our subsequent more in-depth ‘Introducing’ post has been our featured article for months now. Look over there to the right, up a bit, see? It’s still there now.

The reason we chose to introduce Daisy even though we had already featured her on the site came after we saw her play live. In reality it wasn’t even a proper show as it took place under a tiny gazebo outside the now sadly defunct Blossom Records as part of Record Store Day. It was also her first time performing with a backing band yet it was still fantastic and drew in many a passerby who stopped and appreciated the performance.

This show happened in April, not long after Daisy had officially released her debut Heart Full of Beef EP. A few months later we got the chance to see her perform live once more, this time at an actual venue as she supported Little Comets in Norwich. Her second EP, Nobody Dies, was days away from release and her live set up had expanded from a three to a four piece.

Also expanded at this show were the sound and her confidence on stage. The distance travelled in just a few months was quite remarkable and if she is able to maintain that kind of rapid development and couple it with her already fantastic songwriting then 2015 should surely see the ongoing rise and rise of Daisy Victoria.

Nobody Dies is a wonderful collection of songs that showcase Daisy embracing a few different styles while still sounding distinctly like Daisy. Her vocals flit from the unnervingly high and operatic, choral perhaps, to the hushed and almost sinister. She rocks and croons, bounces, dances, spins and swirls, is dark, light, carefree and theatrical, all in the space of five tracks that are not only fantastic but that are also available for free (though we know once you hear them you’ll want to pay something for them).

She has already had support from Radio 1 and 6Music (the lovely Lauren Laverne has featured her a few times now) she has played Latitude and been likened to Kate Bush, Anna Calvi, Blondie and countless others. Some bright spark (no idea who that could be – ahem) even referred to her as being like the Vivienne Westwood of music, but you’ll have to do some investigating to find out the context of that comparison.

Daisy Victoria’s ‘Nobody Dies’ EP is out now and available on a pay-what-you-want deal at her Bandcamp page.

Stalk Daisy Victoria: Facebook / Twitter

One Response to “2015 Preview: Listen Out For #10 – Daisy Victoria”

  1. Name unknown December 4, 2014 at 22:25 #

    Yeah I totally get a Kate bush vibe from this track

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