2015 Preview: Listen Out For #8 – Black Honey

4 Dec

Black Honey Band

In contrast to Jagaara, who we posted about this morning, Brighton’s Black Honey have been getting a lot of love in year-end / new year preview lists across the blog world, even making it onto the Blog Sound longlist. It’s entirely understandable though as their fuzzy, retro-tinged garage pop sounds are fantastic and in just four tracks they have had us and our contemporaries all of a quiver. They make music that excites, it is dark and fantastical yet sun-tinged and born from very real emotion and desire and we love it.

They’ve only been going five months (though there were previous incarnations beforehand) and totally nailed the whole mysterious and intriguing thing by initially sharing no images other than of a 60’s kitsch TV. As if that wasn’t enough, next in their personal book of revelation came the issuing of a mobile number to bloggers and the public which we were encouraged to text with questions. It was certainly more interesting and exciting than simply working under a new name and not quite hiding all trace of a previous musical life online, as seems to be favoured by many ‘new’ artists these days. Even after revealing their faces and identities they managed to keep the intrigue going by playing secret shows, access to which was only available on the day by texting for guest list passes. Oh, and their debut EP is on stupidly beautiful vinyl but you can’t have it, unless you go to one of said secret shows.

So, mysterious, exciting, intriguing and driving the scarcity of their own product to make it even more desirable. They’re not dumb this lot. Expect copies of their unnamed debut EP to be going for the big bucks on eBay in a few years when they properly blow up huge, a journey that we fully expect to start in earnest in 2015.

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One Response to “2015 Preview: Listen Out For #8 – Black Honey”

  1. Name unknown December 4, 2014 at 22:31 #

    Yeah I think this track is quite radio ready isn’t it, hopefully they can get out there next year

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