2015 Preview: Listen Out For #6 – Wooden Arms

5 Dec

Wooden Arms

Another Norwich band for your consideration now as it is the turn of our favourite purveyors of chamber-pop, Wooden Arms, to feature in our countdown of artists to listen out for next year.

12 months ago the collective of variable size placed in our EPs of 2013 list, and since then success has followed them around asking to get to know them. For example, they’ve become mainstays of the 6Music airwaves (Radcliffe and Maconnie are big fans and Lauren Laverne had them in for a live session recently that was delightful), released a mini-album, Tide, via Butterfly Collectors and they’ve toured various exotic locales across Europe and the UK.

One of the reasons we are such big fans is the simple fact that the music they make, appropriately enough given the choral elements, is just heavenly. We’re massive suckers for the sweeping melodies, the orchestral arrangements, harmonies and ebbing rhythms. They make music to close your eyes to, music to get lost in, music for cold crisp mornings and for late summer evenings. Listening to “December” and “Tide” will just help you wash away your day, forget the world, forget your stresses and struggles and find peace, find that inner comfort and feel soothed once more.

We have no idea what their plans are for next year but we’re hoping for another album, more shows, more radio and much more love from the blogs and beyond.

’Tide’ is out now and available to buy here.

Stalk Wooden Arms: Website / Facebook / Twitter

One Response to “2015 Preview: Listen Out For #6 – Wooden Arms”

  1. Name unknown January 11, 2015 at 19:49 #

    I like this one, December is it? If Raymond Briggs does another Snowman thing, this would make a suitable end credits song…

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