2015 Preview: Listen Out For #7 – Osca

5 Dec


After Black Honey yesterday, today we are featuring Duly Noted Records label mates Osca in our 2015 previews.

The London four-piece took the internet by storm this year with their hook laden and radio friendly tunes. Their debut track in particular, “Blood”, had many an esteemed publication pushing the button marked ‘gushing’ when determining which kind of praise to adorn them with. Like most of their songs, the piano driven ballad was simultaneously divine and foot stompingly catchy. It built and built in waves of melody and rhythm organically coming together with the vocals to make one of the most accomplished debut tracks we’ve heard in a long time.

The rest of their debut EP was as impressive with closing track “Around The Bends” being about as good as an example of big sing-a-long indie-pop anthem as there was all year. They also proved themselves to be extremely accomplished live performers able to combat on stage mishaps and technical problems not only with aplomb but without any detrimental effect on their sound at all.

We weren’t the only ones at their recent gig at The Stillery who came away thinking ‘these guys are the real deal’ and we won’t be the only ones expecting even bigger and better things from them in the next 12 months and beyond.

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One Response to “2015 Preview: Listen Out For #7 – Osca”

  1. Name unknown January 11, 2015 at 19:45 #

    It’s quite ethereal isn’t it, I mean if elvis was in charge of the jukebox I mean

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