2015 Preview: Listen Out For #5 – Vérité

6 Dec


Whilst some corners of the internet have been coming over all unnecessary about Taylor Swift’s re-invention from lovelorn folky country singer; all but hailing her as the saviour of pop (granted “Shake It Off” is fantastic) there was music being made in another part of the US that was every bit as exciting and chart worthy, just not quite as heralded.

She may have embraced a more danceable and beat laden side to the genre but in “Weekend”, New York based Vérité has a song that is equal to “Shake It Off” for catchiness and brilliance. All that it lacks is a self-referential and humorous video, its own promo choosing instead to deal with booze, love and death. It is, in short a pop masterpiece and one we have found ourselves coming back to again and again, regardless of mood, location or time of day.

In fact all four of the tracks on the debut Vérité EP, Echo, are magnificent pop gems. Dazzling and bright that blend the infectiousness of Light Years era Kylie and the emotion and intelligence of Robyn. On its release, “Weekend” dominated our attention but the whole thing is just marvellous. “Strange Enough” is a sugar rush of synths, beats and electronics. It compels movement, be it embarrassing dance moves round the living room or enthusiastic (but hopefully subtle) head nodding and foot tapping at your desk. She sings like a 80s pop-star, full of emotive fist-clenching and heartbreak but without ever descending near that decades predilection for cheesiness and overindulgence.

She expertly walks the tightrope between mainstream and chic, with some commentators referring to her as alt-pop, though we like to think of it as just pop. Extremely good, extremely entertaining and enjoyable pop.

2014 was a cracking start for Vérité, hopefully 2015 will see her star continue to rise as surely it deserves to.

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One Response to “2015 Preview: Listen Out For #5 – Vérité”

  1. Name unknown January 11, 2015 at 19:51 #

    I can see this getting remixed and clubbed out
    I mean that in a good way 😆

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