2014 Tracks Of The Year – #25 – 21

10 Dec

Tracks of 2014 - 25-21

After spending some time looking ahead in excitement at our top 15 artists to Listen Out For in 2015, it is now time to take a look back at some of the brilliant music we’ve enjoyed in the last 12 months. As is the norm, we will be looking at our favourite tracks, EPs and Albums of the year. This week will be Tracks (starting right now) and EPs and Albums will follow from next week.

So, we start our countdown of our 25 favourite tracks right here and now with numbers 25 – 21, but what exactly do we mean by a track, does it have to be a single? Well no, no it doesn’t. That may seem a bit of a cheat, but there’s a reason behind it. We have purposefully used quite a loose definition of ‘tracks’. We are not looking at singles only but tracks that were released in one capacity or another over the last 12 months. The only other arbitrary rule we have implemented is, one song per artist.

These then are the tracks that really stood out and stayed with us across the year, and we mean the whole year, many of these tracks have been out a number of months and we keep coming back to them time and time again, that’s how good they are.

We hope you like them and hopefully even find some you hadn’t heard before.

#25 Eurielle – “City of the Dead”

We love a bit of drama in our music and just from the title of this Eurielle track (and the associated image) we knew we were going to get it. Fantastically cinematic and theatrical it begins with a delicate swirl of melody, a gust of wind blowing gentle chimes across the landscape, a moment of purity and peace before the darkness and foreboding that follows. The chorus is like the opening of the door to Hades, an incantation is recounted and a terrifying, gothic world is laid bare before us, the inhabitants of which wait patiently to lay waste to the lands above. The beat, steady and strong like the stomping of a staff on the concrete below, is unrelenting as the orchestration and vocals dance their dance of the damned. Fantastic stuff.

#24 Colurmusic – “Dreamgirl 82”

Taken from Colurmusic’s May You Marry Rich album, “Dreamgirl 82” is a thing of dark and heavy, stormy and face melting fantasticness. It hits you with a deliciously oppressive and thundering drawl as guitar licks drip like molten lava; hot and hypnotic they ooze out and envelop the world around you. There is a domineering danger in the air as the rhythm crashes like buildings to the ground and you can do nothing but prostate yourself in servitude to a new master, nodding your head compulsively as blurred vocals issue inaudible commands that you will follow unquestionably.

#23 Emily King – “Distance”

When we first heard “Distance” by Emily King we simply started smiling, a big gurning grin of happiness. We liked the feeling so we played it again, and again, and, well you get the idea. It is a glorious throwback to emotive musical narratives of the past and “Distance” begins and ends like an old Carpenter’s tune with the kind of dreamy, lilting melody that would fill a house on an idyllic, relaxed Sunday morning. It has a gentle funky Motown beat as an optimistic drum beat skips along with honeyed vocals that drip with innocence, infatuation and confidence in the love it is so lost inside. It is simply gorgeous and addictive and deserves all the love it gets and more.

#22 Yellerkin – “Tools”

Yellerkin’s “Tools” is a song of subtle and intricate atmospherics, it has a yeasayery feel to it as oohs float around a forest of rhythm and genres meld into one but it’s the moment when the synths properly kick in about two thirds in that is really something. It’s bizarrely brilliant, like a wobbly house moment, or if rave culture had been built on lava lamps rather than smilies and pills. It’s woozy and bouncy at the same time, fun and fantastic.

#21 Branko – “Control” (feat. Yadi & Bert On Beats)

Featuring Yadi and Bert On Beats Branko’s “Control” is a super-bouncy, brash and bright piece of frenetic pop. Like an Arabian Robyn channelling Daft Punk, it’s compulsive, addictive. The beat is unrelenting, the bassline gripping, the hook is magnificent and Yadi’s vocals and lyrics sound wonderful. It just sounds so colourful. There’s so much going on that your senses are effectively battered into submission but hey, this is totally worth giving in to.

”Control” is out now and available to buy on iTunes.

One Response to “2014 Tracks Of The Year – #25 – 21”

  1. Name unknown January 11, 2015 at 20:03 #

    I liked Emily kings but I quite like the Bhangraness of no.21

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