White Prism – “Patience” (video)

17 Dec

White Prism Patience

While we did spend most of this year in an unintentional blog coma, it did not escape our attention that the wonderful Johanna Cranitch, aka White Prism has a new EP due for release in the coming months. Nor did it escape our attention that the first track to be taken from it is an absolute beauty and no, it did not escape our attention that said new track, “Patience”, now has a cracking new video, which you can watch below.

When we first fell for White Prism, way back when, it was the gossamer smooth melodies and oh so gorgeous misty vocals. The music tended to undulate and swirl, creating these delightful patterns and shapes that you could get lost in. The wonderful vocals remain, Johanna’s voice is as soft and enticing as before, but “Patience” itself is much more uptempo, creating not an ethereal swirl but a grounded boogie.

It conjures thoughts of a near future, a neon lit sky in a blade runner world where, instead of incessant rain, the sun shines and people smile. As the time lapse Johanna passes through the time lapse world of the video the rhythm punches in time with the judder of the visuals. The synths and electronics skitter and jump as they swagger jauntily along this cosmopolitan future world.

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One Response to “White Prism – “Patience” (video)”

  1. Name unknown January 11, 2015 at 20:19 #

    Cool video indeed

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