Children of Pop – “U Won”

18 Dec

Children of Pop

One of the many things we love about the enigmatic and marvellous Children of Pop is its continual evolution and experimentation. When we first encountered them back in 2011 when we heard the languorous and liquid “Charge”. Since then they have played with psychedelic multi-coloured Claymation funk grooves (“I Know”) and creeping fog like melodies (“All This Love”). Their musical style, like battle, has been fluid since their inception and latest track “U Won” is no exception.

Like shards of light flickering through a cracked kaleidoscope, its fractured electronica stutters and jumps, casting shadows and creating intricate shapes on the floor. The melody is a barefoot walk on cold concrete, the chill making its way up through your leg as you move on, the icy distant vocals raise the hairs on your arms. It’s warped and distorted, bits and pieces being placed together like child making lego with no instructions. The end result seems confused and abstract yet makes perfect sense and is something clever and imaginative.

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One Response to “Children of Pop – “U Won””

  1. Name unknown January 11, 2015 at 20:21 #

    It might be a bit Tate Modern for me, but I like what you say about it, the Lego thing. I totally get it 😏

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