2014 Review: Remix of the Year

27 Dec

For our final bonus best of (albums and EPs are coming, we promise) we’ve gone for our favourite remix of the last year. To be completely honest, the subject of said remix spawned so many fantastic alternate versions we could easily have split the difference and gone for joint winners here, just like we did with our gig of the year. However, we’re playing this one with a straight bat and have chosen just the one.

The Night VI – “Heroine” Jospeh Reuben Remix

The original made it into our top five tunes of the year and we love this reworking just as much. While “Heroine” is full of intoxicating silkiness, Reuben has twisted and moulded it into this ridiculously dramatic and tension fuelled epic. It has become a grand score for a scene of intense and gripping drama, it feels heroic which, if intended, is a wonderful play on the title. Regardless, it is magnificent and should really be found in many a film with vast sprawling battles, final confrontations and ultimate rising to and beating the challenge of whatever evil confronts you. Or something.

One Response to “2014 Review: Remix of the Year”

  1. Name unknown January 11, 2015 at 20:26 #

    It see,ed a bit Like a Prayer in the beginning, my brain was expecting “life is a mystery….”

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