Rude – “Heartbreaker”

6 Jan

Rude - Heartbreaker

Last year, in the summer, we heard a track that was a pretty awesome and energetic pop song but by the time we got round to writing about it, it had gone. The track was “Armanio” by mysterious newcomers Rude and while we and others liked it, they took it down as they felt it needed work. They then followed it up with the quirksome “Disco” and have now returned with the frenetic “Heartbreaker”.

It may be about a failed relationship and an inability to love but by goodness it’s an up-tempo blast of colour and sound. With a beat that careens with the reckless abandon of a GTA joyride on red bull high, it races along at a fair old lick. In fact, the frenzied drums combined with little electronic boops (technical term) does give the whole thing a kind of late 90’s speed garage vibe. A bit like dancing in strobe lighting, “Heartbreaker” flashes and sparks like crazy. It’s insanely catchy with the falsetto vocals and repeated ‘do-woops’ zipping round your skull and before you know it you’ll be skittering around the kitchen humming, whistling and ‘do-woop-ing’ your heart out. Even if the subject matter is a little bleak.

”Heartbreaker” will be available to buy on iTunes via Love By Mistake on Valentines Day, naturally.”

Stalk Rude: Website / Facebook / Twitter

One Response to “Rude – “Heartbreaker””

  1. Name unknown January 11, 2015 at 20:52 #

    This is very cool

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