AViVAA – “Guilded Cage”

7 Jan

AViVVA Guilded Cage

Regular readers may recall that when we last featured Sydney’s AViVAA in April last year, we ruminated on the possibility that it may have been a leading Norwich based insurance provider getting in touch with us. Of course that was a moment of frivolity and foolishness that we had hoped would entertain you. We only mention it now because from time to time we find introductions really hard to write and by referring back to a previous post, no matter how needlessly, we find it quite easy to fill a paragraph. See?

Another reason for mentioning that light-hearted previous post is that it serves as a nice juxtaposition for the latest AViVAA track, “Guilded Cage”, which is quite gorgeously dark in places. It’s not sinister dark, more alluring dark; all enticing with synths that beckon like hypnotic fingers. Aviva’s vocals simultaneously sound like Skye Edwards and MØ whilst the arrangement evokes 2forJoy.

Listening is like gazing into a deep rock pool, like shapes forming before your eyes with the ripple of the water, so they form in your mind with the ripple of the beat, the wave of the keys and melody. It is quite wonderful.

Evidently the pair is heading off to the states soon to record their debut EP which, if it is anything as beautiful and mesmeric as “Guilded Cage”, will be something to behold.

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One Response to “AViVAA – “Guilded Cage””

  1. Name unknown January 11, 2015 at 20:54 #

    Lol your opening para
    Div 🙂

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