Robyn Sherwell – “Pale Lung”

7 Jan

Robyn Sherwell

The New Year is less than a week old yet we’ve already been treated to some wonderful and gorgeous new music. Today, as far as beautiful tracks go, the bar has been raised even further by London based, Guernsey raised songstress, Robyn Sherwell with the follow up to the also wonderful “Islander” (which you can also stream below because we are lovely).

“Pale Lung” is an exquisite four and a half minutes of downtempo loveliness; so tender and gentle it’s the aural equivalent of wiping a tear from a loved one’s face.
Sherwell’s vocals are feather soft as the track meanders deftly along, wrought with the fragility and hidden pain of a recent heartbreak of an emotional trauma. This is the kind of music that sits behind those brutal scenes in films and TV. The ones where those protagonists who we’ve invested so much in see their life fall apart and we can do nothing but cry along with them. It augments that swelling of feeling inside, rich with emotion and heart.

If you ever need a track to play whilst gazing wistfully out of a window as the rain pours outside, if you ever need a track to make a tear fall down your cheek as you look at old photos, if you ever need a track that is just so ridiculously beautiful that it hurts, this is for you.

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One Response to “Robyn Sherwell – “Pale Lung””

  1. Name unknown January 11, 2015 at 21:28 #

    Very pretty music

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