Huyghend – “Runners”

16 Jan


We were all set to get grumbly about mysterious bands and secret identities again today as it appeared that other than being from Cologne, nothing was known about new electronic act Huyghend. Judging by their promo photo we were all set to declare them a duo from Germany and have done with it. Then we remembered Google is our friend and asked if she (Google is totally a woman) would come over and help us dig up some info. Sadly she couldn’t make it as she was already hanging out with Musical Moses doing the exact same thing.

Together they found out that there is actually five members, Simon Waskow, Tilman Singer, Benjamin Surangkanjanajai, Jens Hopperdietzel and Thomas Meckel, they are playing a show on 19 Jan as part of Cologne Music Week and a few of them used to be in a band called Periscope. All of which has helped bring things into focus a little more.

Track wise their debut “Runners” actually gave us the image of a runner in our head. This may just be deft subliminal trickery and we may well be on the way to Riverdale mall to buy a pair of Jerkin’ Tretorns but as we listened the scene of a man jogging happily through a city, waving and smiling at passers by, popped into our brain. The beat and the bassline create the feeling of motion, of running, and the escalating retro electronic shimmers and vocals provide the happiness. Despite the urban scenario in our mind, the track has an organic feel to it, each progression growing seamlessly from what has gone before.

It’s a cracking debut and if we lived in Cologne, we’d be front and centre for the show next week.


One Response to “Huyghend – “Runners””

  1. Unknown March 6, 2015 at 20:08 #

    Lol, you don’t run do ya? Runners hate everyone and don’t wave at passers by but ok 🙂

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