Isovert – “Fade” (ΛYLΛ & Sorcha Richardson’s vocal mix)

16 Jan

Isovert Fade Vocal Mix

The confessions and apologies are coming thick and fast here at AB HQ right now. After last week holding our hands up about not posting the White Fever EP, today we must throw ourselves on our sword and beg forgiveness from Con Vos. We totally forgot their rather wonderful EP Cocoon Bloom when compiling our end of year list which was an oversight. To say sorry, we would like to point readers in this direction where they can buy said wonderful EP.

For those of you wondering why we were compelled to issue this public apology whilst not writing about Con Vos, the answer resides in the vocals. Cocoon Bloom features the rather luxurious and beautiful voice of Brooklyn based Irish singer, Sorcha Richardson, who has just teamed up with electronic producer ΛYLΛ on a sublime re-work of “Fade” by another electronic producer, Isovert. Still with us? Good.

Isovert’s original track (also streaming below) is lovely enough but ΛYLΛ has smoothed it out still further, muted it somewhat and covered the whole thing with dry ice. Richardson’s vocals are as stunning as always and while she may have started out as a folk singer, the move into electronica (ambient and otherwise) suits her perfectly. She sings with a wispy, ethereal and angelic quality, her voice floating serenely above the still mist of digital beats and melody.

It’s gorgeous, beautiful, exquisite etc etc. Listen to it tonight, sit down with a cool drink of something, put your feet up and let all your cares and worries wash away with the downtempo perfection of this new “Fade”. You’ll be glad you did.

Stalk Isovert: Facebook / Twitter

Stalk ΛYLΛ: Facebook

Stalk Sorcha Richardson: Website / Facebook / Twitter

One Response to “Isovert – “Fade” (ΛYLΛ & Sorcha Richardson’s vocal mix)”

  1. Unknown March 6, 2015 at 20:10 #

    Yes this is lovely 🙂

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