Split Screens – “Meeker Hollow” (video)

22 Jan

Split Screens

One thing that often astounds us is how many songs tend to have videos accompanying them that seem entirely disconnected with the music they are supposed to be representing. If you are going to make a video, at least make it fit the song somehow. Slow, tear-soaked ballads for example, don’t generally go well with high-octane, primary colourful race and chase car sequences. Not in our experience anyway. So it is always refreshing when you come across a song and video that not so much go hand in hand, as act out a Spice Girls Christmas tune and become one (that worked much better in our head).

For their latest video, Split Screens singer Jesse Cafiero has got the relationship between audio and visual spot on. No doubt helped by the track’s use of the occasional sample from old TV interviews, he has still managed to get that symbiotic connection perfect.

The track and video both start with a woman on LSD giving an interview whilst tripping (an experiment from the 50’s apparently); from then on we are taken on a psychedelic trip through the stars and beyond. Using obscure archive footage and animations (the lunar expedition and return is just marvellous) to accompany “Meeker Hollow” just works perfectly. It’s retro sounding, starting like a Beatles tune from their more mind-bending period, it encompasses modern pop-rock ballads and swirling proggy Pink Floyd-esque guitars. That moment when you first see the Apollo rocket inching into space, the melody brings us a feeling of wonder and as the moon lander descends, its achievement and pride we hear. It’s brilliant, audio and visual in perfect harmony.

”Meeker Hollow” is out now as the B-side to “Sinner” which is available on gorgeous spatter 7” vinyl via Name Drop Swamp Records. You can order your copy or get a digital version here.

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One Response to “Split Screens – “Meeker Hollow” (video)”

  1. Unknown March 6, 2015 at 20:30 #

    It’s a cool video, like the song too

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