All We Are – “Stone”

23 Jan

All We Are

Three weeks in and already 2015 is shaping up to be an absolute belter of a year music wise. There are too many albums we are looking forward to hearing to list them all now but one that we are extremely excited about is the eponymous offering from the multi-cultural All We Are. Exacerbating our enthusiasm is the newly released “Stone” which will feature on the LP and is available now as a single (details below).

The downtempo and cool yet still groovy beat has a distinctly celestial feel to it as the track shimmers and glistens. It’s a late night, post disco, staring at the stars on the bonnet of your car chilled out boogie kind of a tune. It’s perfect for when you still have that dancey feeling running through you but your body and mind are starting to unwind, a shooting star passes overhead and perhaps you begin to contemplate your own existence.

The vocals have a sweet but sad feeling to them, otherworldly and floaty yet held down with the weight of the world. That is until “Stone” draws to a close and they rise up, breaking out like shafts of light from within a raincloud.

It’s sad but groovy, fun but meditative; it’s great and has us counting down the days to 2 Feb and the album release even more.

“Stone” is available now via iTunes. The ‘All We Are’ album is due out on 2 February and pre-orders come with instant downloads of “Stone”, “Keep Me Alive”, “I Wear You” and “Feel Safe”. Pre-orders of the vinyl version will receive a bonus 7″ featuring exclusive tracks “Reach” & “Just Give It To Me”>

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One Response to “All We Are – “Stone””

  1. Unknown March 6, 2015 at 20:35 #

    Very nice

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