Arctic Lake – “Limits”

26 Jan

Arctic Lake

Mondays can be stressful affairs can’t they? The fun, frolics and relaxing feeling of the weekend are soon a distant memory as pressure kicks in and all your deadlines are suddenly yesterday. Caffeine isn’t helping as email after email and phone call after phone call comes raining in, bombarding you with demands. Hiding in the toilets isn’t an option either as the cubicles are all full of colleagues gently sobbing to themselves and muttering ‘but I swear it was Friday evening just an hour ago’.*

If you’re reading this and thinking, ‘I resemble that remark’ (or even if you don’t, we doubt many people do really) then we have just the thing to help soothe your mind and soul. It won’t stop work being awful, but it will take the edge off somewhat.

London based trio Arctic Lake are perfectly suited for an intense Monday morning, or anytime of the week really, with their oh-so-soft and beautiful swirl of electronics, guitars and melodies. Comparisons to London Grammar have inevitably come their way thanks, in no small part, to the beauty of Emma Foster’s vocals and the muted soundscapes they sculpt, but this is not merely a clone. If anything their latest track, “Limits”, is even more mellow and comforting in sound than anything the Grammar trio have produced thus far.

While we’re sure it’s not written about the drudgery and stresses of a day job that is going Monday morning mental, the lyrics certainly do seem to empathise as Emma sings about being ”stuck in a routine” and no longer wanting to be ”bound by limits that were never set by me”. Sounds like a lot of offices across the world in a way doesn’t it? Though we bet none of those offices sound so damn gorgeous.

*Other office scenarios are available / likely

”Limits” is out now and available to buy on iTunes.

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One Response to “Arctic Lake – “Limits””

  1. Unknown March 6, 2015 at 20:46 #

    Yes, being trapped by expectations, be they corporate ones or personal ones it’s all in the voice isn’t it

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