MYPET – “Make It”

29 Jan


After the vibrancy and infectiousness of MYPET’s 2013 debut EP, new track “Make It” has taken us a little by surprise. Gone is the urgency, the cacophony of grand beats and electronic glitches that fizzed and spat with violent brilliance. Instead we are being treated to something remarkably sedate and full of melodic undulations.

The electronics of “Make It” are all misty, like the sheen in a tropical rainforest as jungle birds call faintly in the distance. It’s low and still and the beat is gentle and almost polite, not insistent or urgent but calm and at peace. The vocals are soft and cool and the repetition within the chorus is as close as we get to any intensity. This is soothsome MYPET, gentile and measured MYPET, a MYPET that can enchant as well as it can energise, and we love it.

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One Response to “MYPET – “Make It””

  1. Unknown March 6, 2015 at 21:02 #

    Very nice, we like this

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